Getwell Beginnings

The Getwell Church of Christ has met on Getwell Road in Memphis since July 1950. The church, which meets at Getwell and Dunn is a fully-organized, New Testament congregation with both bishops and deacons (Philippians 1:1). Three ministers, three secretaries, and a number of Bible teachers and active members complement the work.

The Getwell Church of Christ is involved in many works vital to the advancement of the cause of Christ. In addition to the day-to-day and week-to-week work of the congregation in the three areas of reaching the lost, renewing the saved, and relieving the needy, the congregation maintains a positive and powerful reputation for being evangelistic.


Emerson J. Estes

The Truth in Love – WHBQ Radio

The Truth In Love is one of the longest, continuously running religious radio programs in the nation. Still today, people comment that they recall listening to brother Emerson J. Estes on The Truth In Love in the early days of the program.

He [brother Estes] did his first full time preaching in Birmingham and followed that with preaching in Montgomery, Alabama. He subsequently became the first full time evangelist of the Getwell Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee in which capacity he served for eight years. While working with Getwell, he began the Truth In Love radio program on WHBQ.

This program is likely the oldest continuous radio program in the area. During his years as speaker, he received and answered hundreds, perhaps even thousands of questions about the Bible and what it teaches. On more than one occasion, he invited preachers who opposed what the Bible teaches to appear on his program. He allowed them to state their views, and then kindly, gently, but firmly, refuted their error. He conducted one of the most unique, interesting, and informative radio programs ever aired and tremendous good resulted.


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