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Since July 1950 Getwell Church of Christ has been and continues to be committed to the restoration of first century Christianity in the twenty-first century.

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The church, which has continuously met in Memphis at the corner of Getwell and Dunn, is a fully-organized, New Testament congregation with both bishops and deacons as according to Philippians 1:1. 

Three ministers, three secretaries, and a number of Bible teachers and active members complement the work. The Getwell Church of Christ is involved in many works vital to the advancement of the cause of Christ.

In addition to the day-to-day and week-to-week work of the congregation in the three areas of reaching the lost, renewing the saved, and relieving the needy, the congregation maintains a positive and powerful reputation for being evangelistic which includes the following two programs established and maintained by Getwell Church of Christ.


The Spiritual Sword Quarterly Publications


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